Welcome to the Neighbourhood

You’ll find things
in Digbeth that
you won’t find
anywhere else.

Big Fang Pop-up

Baked in Brick at the Custard Factory

This is a Birmingham neighbourhood with limitless potential - and its fearless inventive spirit is something worth celebrating.

Hanbao, Floodgate Street

A neighbourhood of free spirits, creators and thinkers who fall squarely outside the mainstream. Individuality is celebrated here.

The Custard Factory courtyard with The Mockingbird Theatre, Chance and Counters and Factory Works event space

Above all, Digbeth is a community. People know each other by name and greet one another on the street. Collaboration and sharing ideas are the crux of what makes Digbeth such an inspiring and innovative space.

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Key Highlights

A place to eat

An independent coffee shop in the heart of the Custard Factory serving hand-crafted beverages + feel good food. They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch prepared by passionate trained chefs, using fresh and natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible.


A place to drink

Inspired by the idea of ‘creativity out of love’, Passing Fancies aims to bring a new kind of approachable luxury. The bar’s name is a nod to their vow to move with the times - regularly changing their menu and straying away from a set theme.

Passing Fancies

A place to watch

The Mockingbird is a fully independent Cinema situated within the Custard Factory’s iconic courtyard. Showing both arty & mainstream films with snacks, real drinks and a space to share.


A place to play

Roxy Ball Room, located on Heath Mill Lane is the home of competitive social gaming all set to a rock and indie soundtrack and a fantastic food and drink selection! Booze & Ball Games.

Roxy Ball Room